Our strength lies in teamwork
Combined expertise is key to success

Dr Miloš Marković

10 years experience in corporate law, commercial law, immigration law, employment law, intellectual property.

Specialization: business consulting, drafting contracts, obtaining permits and solving complex legal situations.

Study: University of Niš, University of Belgrade, University of Graz, University of Tokyo, Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg.

Language: English, German, Serbian

Aleksandar Avramović, LLM

10 years experience in criminal defense.

Specialization: criminal defense for theft, robbery, fraud, tax fraud, tax evasion, white collar crime.

Study: University of Niš, University of Belgrade.

Language: English, Serbian

Aleksandar Veličković, LLM

6 years experience in real estate and dispute resolution.

Specialization: litigation and enforcement in case of contract violation, damages and unjustified enrichment.

Study: University of Niš.

Language: English, Serbian