Trust is the bedrock of every relationship. At the same time trust is
earned when actions meet words. That is why we believe that a
well-drafted contract represents the cornerstone of every
successful venture.

We provide complete legal support whenever you intend to enter,
amend, supplement, enforce, terminate or annul a commercial

With inovation at heart we are committed to harnessing modern
technologies. By integrating AI into our practices, we are able to
handle complex transactions on time, delivering exceptional results
to our clients.

Our prudent lawyers specialize in drafting and reviewing contracts
in the IT sector, such as Service Contracts, Employment Contracts,
Software License Contracts.

In case your contract is not honored or you are subject to a
contract claim, our legal team evaluates all available courses of
action to settle the matter amicably. If your contract is going
before a court, we provide steadfast support to preserve your
interests and achieve an optimal outcome.


  • Sale of Goods Agreement
  • Sale of Services Agreement
  • Agency Agreement
  • Brokerage Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Business Cooperation Agreement
  • Exclusive Distribution Agreement
  • Intellectual Property Transfer Agreement


  • Laws:
  • Sanctions:
    • Monetary Fine
    • Criminal Liability
  • Obligations: