Criminal Defense
Our lawyers are confident and assertive in criminal defense before
courts. We approach every case with the same mindset - to obtain
the best possible outcome for the client. Our main strategy is to
sway the public prosecutor and not let the case go to the court.
Our clients can expect prompt response in emergency.


We provide legal support before public prosecutor and court in

criminal matters:

  • criminal defense
  • criminal compliance
  • plea agreement
  • principle of oportunity
  • probation (early release)
  • amnesty and rehabilitation
  • private prosecution
  • compensation of damages
If your life, freedom, and future are at stake and you are facing
the consequences of conviction, you need the help of an
experienced criminal defense attorney.

To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our criminal
defense lawyers and fully guaranteed confidentiality,
call our office or send us an email.

Our criminal defense portfolio includes business crimes such as tax
evasion, giving or receiving bribe, illegal trade, business fraud,
causing bankruptcy, damaging creditors, money laundering,
business secret disclosure.