Intellectual Property
In today´s business world shaped by fierce competitiveness,
protecting innovative ideas and brands is paramount.

The value of intellectual property portfolio can be substantially
enhanced through subtle legal guidance.

We provide full support in protecting your intellectual property
through prompt and effective enforcement measures.

In case of infringement, you can rely on our legal team to send
cease and desist letters as well as to take appropriate legal action
to address the infringement.

Most Legal offers services in the creative industries, such are art,
music and movie. We work closely with artists, singers, directors
and writers to provide practical guidance to protect and exploit
their rights in the optimal way.


  • Patent
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Industrial design
  • Domain Name
  • Brand Development
  • Trade Secret
  • Privacy & Confidentiality


  • Copyright Agreement
  • Patent License Agreement
  • Trademark License Agreement
  • Agreement on Intellectual Property Transfer


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  • Sanctions:
    • Monetary Fine
    • Criminal Liability
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